Scalzi Riverwalk Nature Preserve Stewardship was founded in 2009 to preserve this wonderful natural asset near the heart of downtown Stamford.

The SRNP Stewardship is improving the wildlife habitat by removing invasive plant species and increasing site diversity with additional native plants. To continually maintain a viable habitat and a safe,tranquil site for visitors to enjoy, all restoration is done by hand, without chemicals or power tools. The Stewardship is unfunded; its services are free to the city.

Concrete, handicap accessible walkway allows visitors to safely enjoy nature without disturbing the wildlife or damaging the environment.

For those who want to quietly enjoy nature. Dogs are welcome if on leash and on trail, and not otherwise disturbing the wildlife. All visitors are asked to stay on trails and paths, and to please help us reserve all off-trail areas, and the water, for wildlife.

In walking distance of most of downtown Stamford; a short walk from the 31 and 32 buses.

This is a small, fragile conservation area, intended for mostly local use. Too many people would destroy its character by driving away the wildlife. So if you’re from outside of Stamford, please enjoy the pictures and please help found a place like this in your neighborhood. We did it; so can you.


The Scalzi Riverwalk Nature Preserve is managed by Stamford’s Parks Department, assisted by the SRNP Stewardship, comprised of volunteers from the UConn Master Gardener program (based at the Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens), SRNP neighbors and a representative from Stamford’s Land Use Bureau.